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geb.  23.12.1996

Abschluss: April 2023

Elisa berrod is a Germany-based, French Physical Theater maker, hip-hoper and anthropologist. 


In 2019 she graduated from the University of Vienna with BA in Cultural and Social-Anthropology, where she focused on the symbotic relation between humans and their natural habitat.  She is currently finishing her degree in Physical Theater at the Folkwang University, in Germany, where she focus on Identity and embracing different facets of a human being, in order to create unexpected stage narratives. Her interests lies in the pursuit of honesty with oneself, the audience, and the differente social environnements we live on.


Parallel of her studies, she works as a performer for Toboso company, and is regularly giving workshops of freestyle Hip-Hop for advanced and beginners. As a physical actress, she has played at the Dschungel Wien in Austria, Bal-Blomet in France and Maschinenhaus and Ringlopschuppen, in Germany. In her creative processes she strives to create pieces that are accessible to a broad range of audiences, through the use of physical actions  instead of speech.  


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