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Da Phne

geb.  05.08.1996

Abschluss: April 2022

Da Phne is a theatre maker, musician and author. Growing up in Switzerland they never fitted into society. In 2020 they won the Migros Studienpreis.
Da found friends on open air theatres in their childhood and even better ones doing street art and performing texts in their youth. Currently Da is playing concerts as a weird persona using clowning elements. Their main passion is performing tragicomic physical theatre-pieces. Da’s pieces are entertaining and challenge the audience by dealing with heavy themes. Da takes theirself and their work extremely seriously and is not necessarily nice. Nevertheless they cooperate with actors, musicians and dancers. After Da Phne died they will be named next to Nina Hagen, Astrid Lindgren and Charlie Chaplin. At the moment Da is busy with studying Physical Theatre, but their breakthrough is coming soon.

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